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High resolution electron tomography and segmentation-by-modeling interpretation in Bsoft.

ABSTRACT: Bsoft offers many tools for the processing of tomographic tilt series and the interpretation of tomograms. Since I introduced tomography into Bsoft almost two decades ago, the field has advanced significantly, requiring refinement of old algorithms and development of new ones. The current direct detectors allow us to collect data more efficiently and with better quality, progressing towards automation. The goal is then to also automate alignment of tilt series and reconstruction. I added an estimation of the specimen thickness as well as fiducialless alignment, to augment the existing fiducial-based alignment. High-resolution work requires correction for the contrast transfer function, in tomography complicated by the tilted specimen. For this, I developed a method to generate a power spectrum using the whole micrograph, compensating for tilting. This is followed by routine determination of the contrast transfer function, and correction for it during reconstruction. The next steps involve interpretation of the tomogram, either by subtomogram averaging where possible, or by segmentation and modeling otherwise. Such interpretation actually constitutes the main time-consuming part of tomography and is less amenable to automation compared to the initial reconstruction.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7737767 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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