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Attitude and Perception of Physicians and Nurses Toward the Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A Qualitative Study.

ABSTRACT: Clinical pharmacists are responsible for guiding pharmacotherapy and ensuring medication safety along with other health-care providers. This study highlighted barriers that physicians and nurses encounter when interacting with clinical pharmacists. Twenty-seven physicians and nurses were randomly invited to participate in focus-group discussions. Five focus-group discussions were recorded and then transcribed, and the transcripts were reviewed and coded. Three major themes were identified, which were the role of clinical pharmacists, interprofessional communication, and competency. The greatest challenge reported in this study was lack of consistent understanding of the role of clinical pharmacists which to some extent caused communication deficiencies and affected the level of involvement with multidisciplinary teams. Despite that, majority of the participants perceived pharmacists as beneficial in optimizing pharmacotherapy and improving quality of care. Clinical pharmacy services are perceived positively in impacting quality of care as expressed by majority of the study participants. However, there is a lack of common understanding of the role of clinical pharmacists by other health-care providers.

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