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Assessment of Anxiety and Stress among Dental Students to Return to Training in Dental College in COVID-19 Era.



?The aim of this study is to evaluate the sources of anxiety and stress among dental students when returning back to training in dental colleges in the era of COVID-19, with the evaluation of a secure condition for training and practicing without the risk of contamination.

Materials and methods

?A questionnaire was edited in English and distributed to the dental students through the official site of Al-Farabi Private College/Jeddah/KSA. The questionnaire was assessed with different parameters: general information of respondents, anxiety and stress during dental training, importance criteria to be applied by dental college, and exploring the uses and benefits of e-learning.


?There were 315 respondents who participated in the study. About 85% participants feel anxiety and stress to return to the dental college. Theses-fearing expressed as high level for 63% compared with 2% before COVID-19. Almost 75% had supported the procedures to be implemented to ensure the safety of the students. About 43% of respondents agreed to continue e-learning in theoretical part only, 1% for clinical part only, and 47% in both. Finally, 67% of respondents preferred the use of alternative methods of learning (Phantom Laboratory) or any simulated teaching aids.


?A revision of infection control management, improving the working environment, and learning how to deal with patients in purpose to protect everyone are mandatory to alleviate student anxiety to return to training in dental colleges.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7775215 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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