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Impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy Associated to Conformal Radiotherapy in the Treatment of D'Amico Intermediate-/High-Risk Prostate Cancer in Older Patients.



The association of 3D Conformal External Beam Radiotherapy (3D-CEBRT) with adjuvant Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) proved to treat patients with intermediate- and high-risk localized prostate cancer (IR and HR). However, older patients were underrepresented in literature. We aimed to report the oncological results and morbidity 3D-CEBRT +ADT in ?80 years patients.

Material and methods

From June 1998 to July 2017, 101 patients ?80 years were included in a tertiary center. The median age was 82 years. ADT was initiated 3 months prior 3D-CEBRT in all patients, with a total duration of 6 months for IR prostate cancer (group A; n = 41) and 15 months for HR prostate cancer (group B; n = 60). Endpoints included overall survival (OS), metastasis-free survival (DMFS), biochemical recurrence-free survival (BRFS) and toxicity.


Five years-OS was 95% and 86.7% in groups A and B, respectively. Cardiovascular events occurred in 22.8% of ?80 years patients with no impact on OS. In the multivariate analysis, age <82 years, Karnofsky index and normalization of testosterone levels were significantly associated with better OS.


Age ?80 years should not be a limitation for the treatment of IR and HR prostate cancer patients with 3D-CEBRT and ADT, but cardiovascular monitoring and prevention are mandatory.

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