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Towards Integrated Youth Care: A Systematic Review of Facilitators and Barriers for Professionals.

ABSTRACT: To overcome fragmentation in support for children and their families with multiple and enduring problems across life domains, professionals increasingly try to organize integrated care. However, it is unclear what facilitators and barriers professionals experience when providing this integrated care. Our systematic review, including 55 studies from a broad variety of settings in Youth Care, showed that integrated care on a professional level is a multi-component entity consisting of several facilitators and barriers. Findings were clustered in seven general themes: 'Child's environment', 'Preconditions', 'Care process', 'Expertise', 'Interprofessional collaboration', 'Information exchange', and 'Professional identity'. The identified facilitators and barriers were generally consistent across studies, indicating broad applicability across settings and professional disciplines. This review clearly shows that when Youth Care professionals address a broad spectrum of problems, a variety of facilitators and barriers should be considered.Registration PROSPERO, registration number CRD42018084527.

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