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Circulating miR-30b-5p levels in plasma as a novel potential biomarker for early detection of breast cancer.



Recently, microRNAs have been demonstrated to be potential non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis assessment or prediction of response to treatment in cancer. In this study, we evaluate the potential of miR-30b-5p as a biomarker for early diagnosis of breast cancer (BC) in tissue and plasma.


Expression of miR-30b-5p was determined in a series of 112 BC and 40 normal breast tissues. Circulating miR-30b-5p levels in plasma samples were determined in a discovery cohort of 38 BC patients and 40 healthy donors and in a validation cohort of 83 BC patients and 83 healthy volunteers. miR-30b-5p expression was measured by quantitative real-time PCR and receiver operating characteristics curve analysis was carried out.


The miR-30b-5p expression was significantly lower in BC tissue than in healthy breast samples. In contrast, circulating miR-30b-5p levels were significantly higher in BC patients compared with healthy donors. Furthermore, circulating miR-30b-5p levels were significantly higher in patients with positive axillary lymph node and de novo metastatic patients. Receiver operating characteristics curve analysis demonstrated a good diagnostic potential of miR-30b-5p to detect BC even at an early stage of the disease.


Thus, we highlight the potential of miR-30b-5p as a non-invasive, fast, reproducible and cost-effective diagnostic biomarker of BC.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7820029 | BioStudies |

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