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Genomic profiles and tumor immune microenvironment of primary lung carcinoma and brain oligo-metastasis.

ABSTRACT: Brain metastasis (BM) is a common malignant event in lung cancer. Here, we recruited 33 lung cancer patients with brain oligo-metastasis to explore the genomic features and tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) of the lung and BM independently. For genomic profiling, targeted sequencing was performed. We found that high-frequent ZFHX3 occurred in the lung (40%) and brain tumor (28%), which might relate to brain metastasis event; the vast majority of patients had lesions-shared mutations in primary tumor and BM, confirming the common clonal events; and EGFR was the most frequently clonal gene in both lung and BM, indicating its driver capability. To characterize TIME status, we also sequenced the T cell receptor (TCR) repertoires and performed immunohistochemistry (IHC) on CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and PD-L1 expression in 28 patients who had paired samples. Through the comparison, the TCR clonality of BM was higher than lung tumor, indicating the distinct pattern of the stronger oligoclonal T cell expansion in BM; the primary tumor had a higher TMB than oligo-BM (13.9 vs 8.7 mutations, p?=?0.019); CD8?+?TILs of BM were significantly lower than lung tumor (10% vs 30%, p?=?0.015), revealing the lower level of cytotoxic T cell infiltration; BM showed statistically equivalent level of PD-L1 compared with lung tumor (p?=?0.722). We further investigated the potential biomarkers associated with overall survival (OS) after brain surgery. We found that higher TCR clonality was related to prolonged OS in EGFR-treated patients (HR 0.175, p?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7820277 | BioStudies |

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