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Yeast Biodiversity in Fermented Doughs and Raw Cereal Matrices and the Study of Technological Traits of Selected Strains Isolated in Spain.

ABSTRACT: Bakers use pure microorganisms and/or traditional sourdoughs as the leavening agent for making bread. The performance of each starter and the substances produced by the microorganisms greatly affect the dough rheology and features of breads. Modern sourdoughs inoculated with selected lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are microbiologically stable, safer than traditional sourdoughs, and easy to use. However, the commercial repertoire of baker's yeasts is still limited. Therefore, there is a demand for new strains of yeast species, capable of conferring distinctive traits to breads made from a variety of agri-food matrices, in the design of innovative starters. In this context, we report the first comprehensive study on yeasts isolated from a wide range of fermented doughs, cereal flours, and grains of Spain. Nine yeast species were identified from 433 isolates, which were distributed among separate clades. Moreover, phenotypic traits of potential technological relevance were identified in selected yeast strains. Mother doughs (MDs) showed the greatest yeast biodiversity, whereas commercial Saccharomyces starters or related and wild strains often dominated the bakery doughs. A metataxonomic analysis of wheat and tritordeum MDs revealed a greater richness of yeast species and percentage variations related to the consistency, flour type, and fermentation time of MDs.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7824024 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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