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The posterior crus II cerebellum is specialized for social mentalizing and emotional self-experiences: a meta-analysis.

ABSTRACT: This meta-analysis explores the role of the posterior cerebellum Crus I/II in social mentalizing. We identified over 200 functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies via NeuroSynth that met our inclusion criteria and fell within bilateral Crus II areas related to 'sequencing' during mentalizing (coordinates?±24?-76?-40; from earlier studies) and mere social 'mentalizing' or self-related emotional cognition (coordinates?±26?-84?-34; from NeuroSynth), located in the cerebellar mentalizing network. A large majority of these studies (74%) involved mentalizing or self-related emotional cognition. Other functions formed small minorities. This high incidence in Crus II compares very favorably against the lower base rate for mentalizing and self-related emotions (around 35%) across the whole brain as revealed in NeuroSynth. In contrast, there was much less support for a similar role of Crus I (coordinates?-40?-70?-40 from earlier 'sequencing' studies) as only 35% of the studies were related to mentalizing or self-related emotions. The present findings show that a domain-specific social mentalizing functionality is supported in the cerebellar Crus II. This has important implications for theories of the social cerebellum focusing on sequencing of social actions, and for cerebellar neurostimulation treatments.

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