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Discovery of novel chemical reactions by deep generative recurrent neural network.

ABSTRACT: The "creativity" of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in terms of generating de novo molecular structures opened a novel paradigm in compound design, weaknesses (stability & feasibility issues of such structures) notwithstanding. Here we show that "creative" AI may be as successfully taught to enumerate novel chemical reactions that are stoichiometrically coherent. Furthermore, when coupled to reaction space cartography, de novo reaction design may be focused on the desired reaction class. A sequence-to-sequence autoencoder with bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory layers was trained on on-purpose developed "SMILES/CGR" strings, encoding reactions of the USPTO database. The autoencoder latent space was visualized on a generative topographic map. Novel latent space points were sampled around a map area populated by Suzuki reactions and decoded to corresponding reactions. These can be critically analyzed by the expert, cleaned of irrelevant functional groups and eventually experimentally attempted, herewith enlarging the synthetic purpose of popular synthetic pathways.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7862614 | BioStudies | 2021-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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