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A structured mentorship program for medical college faculty on health research.



A paradigm shift is required in faculty development programs on research skills, from theory-driven to hands-on practical approach. The objective of this study was to develop and implement a structured mentorship model for training of medical faculties in research skills.


An interventional study using functional mentorship and experiential learning based on a research project was conducted over a period of one year through two prevalidated modules: protocol and manuscript writing. We included early and mid-career medical faculty as mentees (mentor:mentee ratio-1:2). Module 1 consisted of eight days of active learning and 25 days of refinement period-the end point being submission of research proposal to the ethics committee. Module 2 consisted of six days of active learning and 15 days of refinement period with the end point being manuscript submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Context, Input, Process and Product model of evaluation was used for this program.


All eight faculty who participated as mentees in this program completed the first module, developed protocols under this program and processed them through the ethics committee. Six of the eight participants of this original cohort attended the second module and five could submit their manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal within the stipulated date. Participants expressed improvement in their self-rating of research skills, satisfaction with the program and an overall favourable change in attitude towards research.


Structured mentorship program with the help of local mentors could enhance research skills of medical faculty.

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