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SARS CoV2 infection _The longevity study perspectives.

ABSTRACT: Like other infectious diseases, COVID-19 shows a clinical outcome enormously variable, ranging from asymptomatic to lethal. In Italy, like in other countries, old male individuals, with one or more comorbidity, are the most susceptible group, and show, consequently, the highest mortality, and morbidity, including lethal respiratory distress syndrome, as the most common complication. In addition, another extraordinary peculiarity, that is a surprising resistance to COVID-19, characterizes some Italian nonagenarians/centenarians. Despite having the typical COVID-19 signs and/or symptoms, such exceptional individuals show a surprising tendency to recover from illness and complications. On the other hand, long-lived people have an optimal performance of immune system related to an overexpression of anti-inflammatory variants in immune/inflammatory genes, as demonstrated by our and other groups. Consequently, we suggest long-lived people as an optimal model for detecting genetic profiles associated with the susceptibility and/or protection to COVID-19, to utilize as potential pharmacological targets for preventing or reducing viral infection in more vulnerable individuals.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7885677 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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