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Effect of temperature, CO2 and O2 on motility and mobility of Anisakidae larvae.

ABSTRACT: Anisakidae, marine nematodes, are underrecognized fish-borne zoonotic parasites. Studies on factors that could trigger parasites to actively migrate out of the fish are very limited. The objective of this study was to assess the impact of different environmental conditions (temperature, CO2 and O2) on larval motility (in situ movement) and mobility (migration) in vitro. Larvae were collected by candling or enzymatic digestion from infected fish, identified morphologically and confirmed molecularly. Individual larvae were transferred to a semi-solid Phosphate Buffered Saline agar, and subjected to different temperatures (6 ?, 12 ?, 22 ?, 37 ?) at air conditions. Moreover, different combinations of CO2 and O2 with N2 as filler were tested, at both 6 °C and 12 °C. Video recordings of larvae were translated into scores for larval motility and mobility. Results showed that temperature had significant influence on larval movements, with the highest motility and mobility observed at 22 ? for Anisakis spp. larvae and 37 ? for Pseudoterranova spp. larvae. During the first 10 min, the median migration of Anisakis spp. larvae was 10 cm at 22 ?, and the median migration of Pseudoterranova spp. larvae was 3 cm at 37 ?. Larval mobility was not significantly different under the different CO2 or O2 conditions at 6 °C and 12 ?. It was concluded that temperature significantly facilitated larval movement with the optimum temperature being different for Anisakis spp. and Pseudoterranova spp., while CO2 and O2 did not on the short term. This should be further validated in parasite-infected/spiked fish fillets.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7895964 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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