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Secreted midbody remnants are a class of extracellular vesicles molecularly distinct from exosomes and microparticles.

ABSTRACT: During the final stages of cell division, newly-formed daughter cells remain connected by a thin intercellular bridge containing the midbody (MB), a microtubule-rich organelle responsible for cytokinetic abscission. Following cell division the MB is asymmetrically inherited by one daughter cell where it persists as a midbody remnant (MB-R). Accumulating evidence shows MB-Rs are secreted (sMB-Rs) into the extracellular medium and engulfed by neighbouring non-sister cells. While much is known about intracellular MB-Rs, sMB-Rs are poorly understood. Here, we report the large-scale purification and biochemical characterisation of sMB-Rs released from colon cancer cells, including profiling of their proteome using mass spectrometry. We show sMB-Rs are an abundant class of membrane-encapsulated extracellular vesicle (200-600 nm) enriched in core cytokinetic proteins and molecularly distinct from exosomes and microparticles. Functional dissection of sMB-Rs demonstrated that they are engulfed by, and accumulate in, quiescent fibroblasts where they promote cellular transformation and an invasive phenotype.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7994562 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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