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Associations between Disability and Infertility among U.S. Reproductive-Aged Women

ABSTRACT: We aim to evaluate the association between self-reported disabilities and infertility and whether disabilities are associated with decreased likelihood of seeking infertility-related care. This US nationally representative cross-sectional analysis includes 3789 non-pregnant women aged 18–49 years without history of hysterectomy or oophorectomy (NHANES, 2013–2018). Disabilities and infertility were both self-reported in personal interviews with trained interviewers. Logistic regression models estimated the adjusted odds ratio (aOR) and 95% confidence intervals for the association between disabilities and infertility and related care seeking. Models adjusted for potential confounders and complex probability sampling. Compared to women without disabilities, women with disabilities (WWD) had higher odds of infertility (aOR: 1.78 (1.31–2.40)). Similar findings were observed for sensory (2.32 (1.52–3.52)) and cognitive disabilities (1.77 (1.28–2.44)). Among women with infertility, WWD were less likely to seek infertility-related care (0.68 (0.32–1.44)) but these estimates were not statistically significant. WWD have increased odds of reporting infertility, and if affected, are less likely to visit a health care provider for this condition. While more research is needed to understand reproductive health issues and needs among WWD, it is important to push for more equitable policies and practices to address the health needs of this underserved population.

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