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Caregiving, care burden and awareness of caregivers and patients with dementia in Asian locations: a secondary analysis.



This study investigated the differences in caregiver activity, caregiver burden, and awareness of both caregivers and patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) across different Asian locations.


This was a secondary analysis of a multi-national cohort study that aimed to assess caregiver activity and caregiver burden using the Caregiver Activity Scale (CAS) and Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI), respectively. Patients' awareness of their dementia diagnosis was assessed by asking the following yes/no question: "Do you have dementia?" Caregivers' awareness of the patient's dementia diagnosis was assessed by asking the following yes/no question: "Does your patient have dementia?"


In total, 524 caregivers of patients with AD from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan participated. The CAS and ZBI score were significantly different across most locations (p < 0.001 and p = 0.033, respectively). Overall, 56.6% of caregivers and 37.5% of patients had awareness of the dementia diagnosis, and the proportion of patients and caregivers with awareness were also different between each location (all, p < 0.001).


Caregiving, caregiver burden, and the awareness of caregivers and patients were different across many Asian locations. With understanding of cultural differences, further public education on dementia could help increase the awareness of patients and caregivers and reduce caregiver burden.

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ClinicalTrials.gov , NCT02262975 . Registered 13 October 2014.

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