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Chemical Inhibition of ENL/AF9 YEATS Domains in Acute Leukemia.

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional coregulators, which mediate chromatin-dependent transcriptional signaling, represent tractable targets to modulate tumorigenic gene expression programs with small molecules. Genetic loss-of-function studies have recently implicated the transcriptional coactivator, ENL, as a selective requirement for the survival of acute leukemia and highlighted an essential role for its chromatin reader YEATS domain. Motivated by these discoveries, we executed a screen of nearly 300,000 small molecules and identified an amido-imidazopyridine inhibitor of the ENL YEATS domain (IC50 = 7 μM). Improvements to the initial screening hit were enabled by adopting and expanding upon a SuFEx-based approach to high-throughput medicinal chemistry, ultimately demonstrating that it is compatible with cell-based drug discovery. Through these efforts, we discovered SR-0813, a potent and selective ENL/AF9 YEATS domain inhibitor (IC50 = 25 nM). Armed with this tool and a first-in-class ENL PROTAC, SR-1114, we detailed the biological response of AML cells to pharmacological ENL disruption for the first time. Most notably, we discovered that ENL YEATS inhibition is sufficient to selectively suppress ENL target genes, including HOXA9/10, MYB, MYC, and a number of other leukemia proto-oncogenes. Cumulatively, our study establishes YEATS domain inhibition as a viable approach to disrupt the pathogenic function of ENL in acute leukemia and provides the first thoroughly characterized chemical probe for the ENL YEATS domain.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8161486 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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