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Detoxification Esterase StrH Initiates Strobilurin Fungicide Degradation in Hyphomicrobium sp. Strain DY-1.

ABSTRACT: Strobilurin fungicides are widely used in agricultural production due to their broad-spectrum and fungal mitochondrial inhibitory activities. However, their massive application has restrained the growth of eukaryotic algae and increased collateral damage in freshwater systems, notably harmful cyanobacterial blooms (HCBs). In this study, a strobilurin fungicide-degrading strain, Hyphomicrobium sp. strain DY-1, was isolated and characterized successfully. Moreover, a novel esterase gene, strH, responsible for the de-esterification of strobilurin fungicides, was cloned, and the enzymatic properties of StrH were studied. For trifloxystrobin, StrH displayed maximum activity at 50°C and pH 7.0. The catalytic efficiencies (k cat/Km ) of StrH for different strobilurin fungicides were 196.32 ± 2.30 μM-1 · s-1 (trifloxystrobin), 4.64 ± 0.05 μM-1 · s-1 (picoxystrobin), 2.94 ± 0.02 μM-1 · s-1 (pyraclostrobin), and (2.41 ± 0.19)×10-2 μM-1 · s-1 (azoxystrobin). StrH catalyzed the de-esterification of a variety of strobilurin fungicides, generating the corresponding parent acid to achieve the detoxification of strobilurin fungicides and relieve strobilurin fungicide growth inhibition of Chlorella This research will provide insight into the microbial remediation of strobilurin fungicide-contaminated environments.IMPORTANCE Strobilurin fungicides have been widely acknowledged as an essential group of pesticides worldwide. So far, their residues and toxic effects on aquatic organisms have been reported in different parts of the world. Microbial degradation can eliminate xenobiotics from the environment. Therefore, the degradation of strobilurin fungicides by microorganisms has also been reported. However, little is known about the involvement of enzymes or genes in strobilurin fungicide degradation. In this study, a novel esterase gene responsible for the detoxification of strobilurin fungicides, strH, was cloned in the newly isolated strain Hyphomicrobium sp. DY-1. This degradation process detoxifies the strobilurin fungicides and relieves their growth inhibition of Chlorella.

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