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Multi-responsive nanofibers composite gel for local drug delivery to inhibit recurrence of glioma after operation.



The postoperative recurrence of malignant gliomas has presented a clinical conundrum currently. Worse, there is no standard treatment for these recurrent tumours. Therefore, novel promising methods of clinical treatment are urgently needed.


In this study, we synthesized reactive oxygen species (ROS)-triggered poly(propylene sulfide)60 (PPS60) mixed with matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)-responsive triglycerol monostearate (T) lipids and TMZ. The mixed solution could self-assemble at 50 ℃ to generate hydrogels with MMPs- and ROS-responsiveness. We explored whether the T/PPS + TMZ hydrogel could achieve the MMP- and ROS-responsive delivery of TMZ and exert anti-glioma regrowth effects in vitro and in vivo. These results demonstrated that the T/PPS + TMZ hydrogel significantly improved the curative effect of TMZ to inhibit postsurgical recurrent glioma.


The results confirmed the responsive release of TMZ encapsulated in the T/PPS + TMZ hydrogel, and the hydrogel showed excellent performance against glioma in an incomplete glioma operation model, which indicated that the T/PPS + TMZ hydrogel effectively inhibited the growth of recurrent glioma.


In summary, we successfully developed injectable MMPs- and ROS-responsive hydrogels that could achieve the sustained release of TMZ in the surgical cavity to inhibit local recurrent glioma after surgery.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8255008 | BioStudies |

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