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Intra-session test-retest reliability of functional connectivity in infants.

ABSTRACT: Resting functional MRI studies of the infant brain are increasingly becoming an important tool in developmental neuroscience. Whereas the test-retest reliability of functional connectivity (FC) measures derived from resting fMRI data have been characterized in the adult and child brain, similar assessments have not been conducted in infants. In this study, we examined the intra-session test-retest reliability of FC measures from 119 infant brain MRI scans from four neurodevelopmental studies. We investigated edge-level and subject-level reliability within one MRI session (between and within runs) measured by the Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). First, using an atlas-based approach, we examined whole-brain connectivity as well as connectivity within two common resting fMRI networks - the default mode network (DMN) and the sensorimotor network (SMN). Second, we examined the influence of run duration, study site, and scanning manufacturer (e.g., Philips and General Electric) on ICCs. Lastly, we tested spatial similarity using the Jaccard Index from networks derived from independent component analysis (ICA). Consistent with resting fMRI studies from adults, our findings indicated poor edge-level reliability (ICC = 0.14-0.18), but moderate-to-good subject-level intra-session reliability for whole-brain, DMN, and SMN connectivity (ICC = 0.40-0.78). We also found significant effects of run duration, site, and scanning manufacturer on reliability estimates. Some ICA-derived networks showed strong spatial reproducibility (e.g., DMN, SMN, and Visual Network), and were labelled based on their spatial similarity to analogous networks measured in adults. These networks were reproducibly found across different study sites. However, other ICA-networks (e.g. Executive Control Network) did not show strong spatial reproducibility, suggesting that the reliability and/or maturational course of functional connectivity may vary by network. In sum, our findings suggest that developmental scientists may be on safe ground examining the functional organization of some major neural networks (e.g. DMN and SMN), but judicious interpretation of functional connectivity is essential to its ongoing success.

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