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Is Prenatal Diagnosis Necessary for Fetal Isolated Nasal Bone Absence or Hypoplasia?



This study aimed to explore the value of chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) and whole exome sequencing (WES) in the prenatal diagnosis of fetal isolated nasal bone absence (INBA) or isolated nasal bone hypoplasia (INBH). We hope to provide additional relevant information for clinical counseling.

Patients and methods

From November 1, 2018, to March 1, 2020, 55 pregnant women with isolated nasal bone dysplasia were admitted to the Changzhou Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. Based on the degree of abnormality, the patients were divided into two groups: INBA and INBH. CMA was performed on all patients. The clinical data and prenatal genetic diagnoses of the two groups were retrospectively analyzed. According to the requirements of WES for samples, 12 cases with negative CMA results were selected for the WES test.


A total of 55 cases with INBA or INBH met the inclusion criteria. In 35INBA fetuses, there was one case of trisomy 21 and one case of 10q11.22 deletion (5.7Mb), and the abnormality rate was 5.71% (2/35). Compared with INBA fetuses, the abnormality rate was increased in the fetuses with INBH [15.00% (3/20)] (15.00% vs 5.71%); there was one case of 1q21.1 duplication (1.3Mb), one case of Xp22.31 duplication (1.67Mb), and one case of 4p deletion (7.6Mb). In a later retrospective study, two pathogenic variants were identified in two cases after the WES test; the abnormality rate was 16.67% (2/12), which involved RUNX2 and CDH4 genes, respectively.


A preliminary study confirmed that molecular prenatal diagnosis should be performed in fetuses with INBA or INBH. CMA followed by WES is an effective method.

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