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Should We Worry About Nutrition Of Adults With Minor Burns? An Audit Of Their Intakes.

ABSTRACT: Small burn injuries are managed in an outpatient setting by surgeons and/or nurses. Nutrition in minor burn patients is rarely investigated. This observational study aimed to quantify their nutritional intakes, and o compare them to theoretical adequate values. Their average daily food intakes since injury were evaluated by a dietician using a ten-point visual assessment of consumed portions during the last meal (SEFI tool) and a food anamnesis. Macro- and micronutrient intakes were compared to national recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for healthy subjects: intakes <66% RDA were considered inadequate. Forty-two patients with a median age of 45 (34-56) years, BMI of 25.9 (23.5-28.9) kg/m2, and burn surface area (BSA) of 2 (1-3) % were included. Energy and protein RDA were reached in 28.6 and 71.4% of the patients, respectively. Intakes of n-3 fatty acids were inadequate in 80.9% of the patients. A SEFI <7 was associated with insufficient intakes regards both energy and proteins. Inadequate intakes of different micronutrients were frequently observed, but no risk factors could be detected. Vitamin A and C were the most impacted: 71.4% of the patients had inadequate intakes. Vitamin D intake was low: 225 (56-431) UI/d. In contrast, intakes of iron, selenium and zinc were adequate in at least 61.9% of the patients. In conclusion, this audit highlighted that a majority of macronutrient and micronutrient intakes did not reach the levels recommended by the RDA. Such data should help in designing further studies aimed at assessing the impact of optimized nutrition on outcomes.

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