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International comparison of trends in cancer mortality: Japan has fallen behind in screening-related cancers.

ABSTRACT: While the age-standardized mortality rate in Japan is decreasing for all cancers as a whole, this is not the case for some major site-specific cancers. We descriptively compared trends in all-cancer and site-specific cancer mortality in Japan and selected countries. Data on age-standardized cancer mortality rates in six countries (Japan, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Korea) in 1980-2016 were obtained from the World Health Organization mortality database. While stomach and liver cancer mortality rates in Japan and Korea were initially much higher than those in non-Asian countries, they have rapidly decreased over the long term. By contrast, colorectal, pancreatic and cervical cancer mortality rates in Japan, which were initially lower than those in other countries, have increased such that they are now similar or higher than the rates in non-Asian countries. For male lung cancer, Japan's initially lower mortality rate is now comparable to that in non-Asian countries as a result of slower decline. Meanwhile, the mortality rate of female breast cancer in Japan and Korea has increased and is nearing the rates observed in non-Asian countries, which by contrast have shown a steady decrease. Thus, while Japan has been successful in reducing the burden of stomach and liver cancers, it is falling behind in reducing the mortality rate of screening-related cancers such as colorectal, female breast and cervical cancers. Control measures for these cancers need to be strengthened.

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