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Structural insights into the clustering and activation of Tie2 receptor mediated by Tie2 agonistic antibody

ABSTRACT: Angiopoietin (Angpt)-Tie receptor 2 (Tie2) plays key roles in vascular development and homeostasis as well as pathological vascular remodeling. Therefore, Tie2-agonistic antibody and engineered Angpt1 variants have been developed as potential therapeutics for ischemic and inflammatory vascular diseases. However, their underlying mechanisms for Tie2 clustering and activation remain elusive and the poor manufacturability and stability of Angpt1 variants limit their clinical application. Here, we develop a human Tie2-agonistic antibody (hTAAB), which targets the membrane proximal fibronectin type III domain of Tie2 distinct from the Angpt-binding site. Our Tie2/hTAAB complex structures reveal that hTAAB tethers the preformed Tie2 homodimers into polygonal assemblies through specific binding to Tie2 Fn3 domain. Notably, the polygonal Tie2 clustering induced by hTAAB is critical for Tie2 activation and are resistant to antagonism by Angpt2. Our results provide insight into the molecular mechanism of Tie2 clustering and activation mediated by hTAAB, and the structure-based humanization of hTAAB creates a potential clinical application. Angiopoietin (Angpt)-Tie receptor 2 (Tie2) regulates vascular stability and is thus a potential therapeutic target in vascular diseases. Here, the authors report a Tie2-agonistic antibody which targets a site distinct from the Angpt 1-binding site and which influences Tie2 clustering and activation in an Angpt2 inhibition-resistant manner.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8560823 | BioStudies |

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