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Comparative characterisation of COVID-19 patients with hypertension comorbidity in Malawi: a 1:2 matched retrospective case-control study



The aim of this study was to characterize COVID-19 cases and explore the risk factors associated with mortality among hypertensive patients with COVID-19 across Malawi.


A retrospective case-control study design was used to provide a detailed account of cases and to explore the risk factors associated with mortality among hypertensive patients with COVID-19. In total, 441 patients were included in the study in a ratio of one case to two controls (1:2), matched by age.


Deaths due to COVID-19 varied with hypertensive condition, with more deaths registered in hypertensive patients. Clinical signs and symptoms varied greatly between hypertensive and non-hypertensive COVID-19 patients, tending to be milder in the latter group. The risk of death due to COVID-19 among hypertensive patients increased with age, and was meaningfully associated with underlining comorbidities, such as HIV, TB, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.


Our study revealed predictive factors for mortality in hypertensive COVID-19 patients, which can be used by policy makers and healthcare practitioners to identify those at a higher risk, and to determine the appropriate treatment approach to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.

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2021-11-24 | GSE189506 | GEO