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The Costs and Healthcare Resource Utilization Associated with Anticholinergic Burden in Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents with Overactive Bladder in the US.



Overactive bladder (OAB) is a prevalent condition commonly treated with anticholinergic medications. The extent to which anticholinergic burden is associated with costs and healthcare resource use (HCRU) in the long-stay nursing home (LSNH) setting is currently unknown.


This research evaluated the impact of anticholinergic burden on HCRU and related costs among LSNH residents with OAB.


This was a cohort study based on 2013-2015 Minimum Data Set-linked Medicare claims data involving LSNH residents aged ≥ 65 years with OAB and having Parts A, B and D coverage 6 months pre- and ≥ 12 months post-nursing home admission date (index date). Cumulative anticholinergic burden was determined using the Anticholinergic Cognitive Burden scale and defined daily dose. Direct medical costs related to HCRU were examined. HCRU included inpatient, outpatient, emergency room (ER), and physician office visits. Costs and HCRU associated with levels of anticholinergic burden were evaluated using generalized linear models.


A total of 123,308 LSNH residents with OAB were included in this study. Most residents (87.2%) had some level (12.8%, none; 18.0%, low; 41.9%, moderate; and 27.3%, high) of cumulative anticholinergic burden. Results indicate that all types of resource utilization were higher among those with any level of anticholinergic burden than those with no burden. The outpatient, ER, and physician costs tended to be higher with increasing anticholinergic burden.


Costs and HCRU patterns reflected increasing trends with anticholinergic burden. Targeted efforts towards reducing anticholinergic burden among LSNH residents with OAB may result in decreases in costs and HCRU.

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