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Eating Behaviors of Children with Autism-Pilot Study, Part II.

ABSTRACT: Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by social communication deficit and non-normative behavior. The people with autism often experience troubles with feeding. The purpose of this study was to conduct evaluation of the feeding and eating behaviors among children with autism.

Patients and methods

The study group included 41 high-functioning autistic children. The control group consisted of 34 children without the ASD. The questionnaire was used to assess the nutritional status.


The children with ASD fuss during mealtimes more frequently, they require entertaining and diverting their attention, they are fed by parents, and they consume their meals away from the table. The significant difference found in the use of utensils and food selectivity works to the disadvantage of the Study Group.


The food selectivity occurs significantly more frequently among children with ASD. The feeding and eating problems should be considered on a wider scale. The cooperation of the multidisciplinary and the parents teams should be proposed in the ASD patients care.

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