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Activation of Secondary Metabolism in Red Soil-Derived Streptomycetes via Co-Culture with Mycolic Acid-Containing Bacteria.

ABSTRACT: Our previous research has demonstrated a promising capacity of streptomycetes isolated from red soils to produce novel secondary metabolites, most of which, however, remain to be explored. Co-culturing with mycolic acid-containing bacteria (MACB) has been used successfully in activating the secondary metabolism in Streptomyces. Here, we co-cultured 44 strains of red soil-derived streptomycetes with four MACB of different species in a pairwise manner and analyzed the secondary metabolites. The results revealed that each of the MACB strains induced changes in the metabolite profiles of 35-40 streptomycetes tested, of which 12-14 streptomycetes produced "new" metabolites that were not detected in the pure cultures. Moreover, some of the co-cultures showed additional or enhanced antimicrobial activity compared to the pure cultures, indicating that co-culture may activate the production of bioactive compounds. From the co-culture-induced metabolites, we identified 49 putative new compounds. Taking the co-culture of Streptomyces sp. FXJ1.264 and Mycobacterium sp. HX09-1 as a case, we further explored the underlying mechanism of co-culture activation and found that it most likely relied on direct physical contact between the two living bacteria. Overall, our results verify co-culture with MACB as an effective approach to discover novel natural products from red soil-derived streptomycetes.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8622677 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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