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Development of Chocolates with Improved Lipid Profile by Replacing Cocoa Butter with an Oleogel.

ABSTRACT: The reformulation of chocolates seeks to find innovative alternatives to cocoa butter (CB) that are more economical and adhere to nutritional recommendations to replace saturated fats with unsaturated ones. In this research, chocolates were elaborated by substituting CB with an oleogel (OG) formulated with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) as an entrapper of sunflower oil by using the foam-templated approach. Four different CB/OG blends were prepared and characterized as potential CB substitutes (100/0 control), at replacement levels of 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% (70/30, 50/50, 30/70 and 0/100 blends), and subsequently, CB/OG-based chocolates (CB/OG-Ch) were formulated (100/0-Ch, 70/30-Ch, 50/50-Ch, 30/70-Ch and 0/100-Ch). Both the CB/OG blends and the CB/OG-Ch counterparts were characterized by dynamic and stationary rheology, hardness, thermal parameters, microstructure, and oil-binding capacity; in addition, the lipid profile of the chocolates was analyzed, and a sensory analysis was performed. Increasing the OG proportion in the CB/OG blend weakens the rigidity and strength of the fat-crystal network conferred by the CB, and decreases both its viscoelasticity and thermal parameters, but the differences between all the different properties and parameters of the CB/OG-Ch samples diminished in presence of the other ingredients used in the chocolate formulation. Sensory analysis evidenced that it is possible to replace up to 70% of CB with the OG, although from a technological point of view a replacement level of 50% would seem more appropriate. As compared to 100/0-Ch, 50/50-Ch and 30/70-Ch involve saturated fat reductions of 55% and 37%, respectively.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8628694 | BioStudies |

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