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Fibroblast growth factor 6 regulates sizing of the muscle stem cell pool.

ABSTRACT: Skeletal muscle stem cells, i.e., satellite cells (SCs), are the essential source of new myonuclei for skeletal muscle regeneration following injury or chronic degenerative myopathies. Both SC number and regenerative capacity diminish during aging. However, molecular regulators that govern sizing of the initial SC pool are unknown. We demonstrate that fibroblast growth factor 6 (FGF6) is critical for SC pool scaling. Mice lacking FGF6 have reduced SCs of early postnatal origin and impaired regeneration. By contrast, increasing FGF6 during the early postnatal period is sufficient for SC expansion. Together, these data support that FGF6 is necessary and sufficient to modulate SC numbers during a critical postnatal period to establish the quiescent adult muscle stem cell pool. Our work highlights postnatal development as a time window receptive for scaling a somatic stem cell population via growth factor signaling, which might be relevant for designing new biomedical strategies to enhance tissue regeneration.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8693628 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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