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Serum Uric Acid and Risk of Chronic Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

ABSTRACT: Objectives: A systematic review and meta-analysis was performed to evaluate the potential prognostic role of serum uric acid (SUA) in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). Methods: The Embase, PubMed, Web of Science and Cochrane Library databases were searched up to 5 April 2021 for relevant publications. Random effects model was used to pool data. STATA15.0 software was used to perform meta-analysis. Heterogeneity was assessed using the Cochran Q statistic (significance level of P < 0.10) and I 2 statistics (significance level of 50%). Results: Ultimately, 18 publications reporting adverse events in CHF patients were included. The results indicate reveal associations between a high level of SUA and the risk of all-cause mortality (HR 2.24, 95% CI 1.49-3.37), cardiovascular mortality (HR 1.14, 95% CI 1.06-1.23), and the composite of death or cardiac events (HR 1.26, 95% CI 1.01-1.56) in CHF patients. A 1 mg/dL increase in serum uric acid led to 4% (HR 1.04, 95% CI 1.02-1.05) and 9% (HR 1.09, 95% CI 1.03-1.17) increases in the risk of all-cause mortality and the composite endpoint of death or cardiac events in CHF patients, respectively. Conclusion: Serum uric acid is positively associated with the risk of adverse events in CHF patients. This study protocol has been registered at PROSPERO as CRD42021247084 (https://www.crd.york.ac.uk/PROSPERO). Systematic Review Registration: https://www.crd.york.ac.uk/PROSPERO.

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