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Evaluation of the Clinical Efficacy of Stem Cell Transplantation in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

ABSTRACT: Stem cell transplantation has been applied to treat spinal cord injury (SCI) in clinical trials for many years. However, the clinical efficacies of stem cell transplantation in SCI have been quite diverse. The purpose of our study was to systematically investigate the efficacy of stem cell transplantation in patients with SCI. The PubMed, Web of Science, Ovid-Medline, Cochrane Library, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, VIP, Wanfang, and SinoMed databases were searched until October 27, 2020. Quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed by Review Manager 5.3 and R. Nine studies (n = 328) were included, and the overall risk of bias was moderate. The ASIA Impairment Scale (AIS) grading improvement rate was analyzed in favor of stem cell transplantation group [odds ratio (OR) = 6.06, 95% confidence interval (CI): 3.16-11.62, P < 0.00001]. Urodynamic indices also showed improvement in bladder function. In subgroup analyses, the results indicated that in patients with complete (AIS A) SCI, with the application of cell numbers between n*(107-108), two cell types (i.e., bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and bone marrow mononuclears), and treatment time of more than 6 months, stem cell transplantation was more beneficial for sensorimotor function (P < 0.05 for all groups). The risk of fever incidence in the stem cell transplantation group was 4.22 (95% CI: 1.7-10.22, P = 0.001), and principal component analysis (PCA) suggested it was more related to transplanted cell numbers. Thus, stem cell transplantation can promote functional recovery in SCI patients. Moreover, the type and quantity of transplanted stem cells and treatment time are important factors affecting the therapeutic effect of stem cell transplantation in SCI. Further studies are needed to evaluate the effects and elucidate the mechanisms of these factors on stem cell therapy in SCI.

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