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Evaluation of Quality of Vision and Visual Outcomes with Bilateral Implantation of a Non-Diffractive Extended Vision Intraocular Lens with a Target of Slight Myopia in the Non-Dominant Eye



To assess the visual outcomes and quality of vision of patients receiving the AcrySof® IQ Vivity™ non-diffractive extended vision intraocular lens (NDEV IOL) after uneventful cataract surgery when the non-dominant eye is targeted for slight myopia.


Single site, prospective, single-arm study.


Eligible subjects interested in reducing their dependence on spectacles over a range of working distances were enrolled and followed for 3 months after the second eye surgery. Subjects were bilaterally implanted with this NDEV IOL, with a target of emmetropia in the dominant eye and a myopic refraction of −0.75D in the non-dominant eye. At 3 months postoperative, the uncorrected and distance-corrected (with monovision) visual acuity at 40 cm, 66 cm and 4 m were recorded, along with the manifest refraction. Questionnaires related to spectacle independence, patient satisfaction and quality of vision were also administered.


Data from 33 subjects were analyzed. The mean difference between eyes by subject was 0.80 ± 0.37 D. Twenty-nine of 33 (88%) subjects had a binocular uncorrected near VA of 0.2 logMAR or better. Twenty-five of 33 eyes (76%) had a binocular distance-corrected (−0.75 D in the non-dominant eye) VA of 0.2 logMAR or better at all three test distances. Satisfaction with vision at all distances was high. The reported level of spectacle independence was higher than for the same lens without monovision. Visual disturbances were higher than has been previously reported for this lens but were not correlated to the level of monovision.


A target of −0.75 D of myopia in the non-dominant eye of patients bilaterally implanted with this NDEV IOL improved near vision, increasing the rate of spectacle independence in patients relative to those targeted for bilateral emmetropia, with no correlated increases in visual disturbances.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC8800857 | BioStudies |

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