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Genome-wide bioinformatics analysis of Cellulose Synthase gene family in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and the expression in the pod development.



CesA and Csl gene families, which belong to the cellulose synthase gene superfamily, plays an important role in the biosynthesis of the plant cell wall. Although researchers have investigated this gene superfamily in several model plants, to date, no comprehensive analysis has been conducted in the common bean.


In this study, we identified 39 putative cellulose synthase genes from the common bean genome sequence. Then, we performed a bioinformatics analysis of this gene family involving sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis, gene structure, collinearity analysis and chromosome location. We found all members possess a cellulose_synt domain. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that these cellulose synthase genes may be classified into five subfamilies, and that members in the same subfamily share conserved exon-intron distribution and motif compositions. Abundant and distinct cis-acting elements in the 2 k basepairs upstream regulatory regions indicate that the cellulose synthase gene family may plays a vital role in the growth and development of common bean. Moreover, the 39 cellulose synthase genes are distributed on 10 of the 11 chromosomes. Additionally expression analysis shows that all CesA/Csl genes selected are constitutively expressed in the pod development.


This research reveals both the putative biochemical and physiological functions of cellulose synthase genes in common bean and implies the importance of studying non-model plants to understand the breadth and diversity of cellulose synthase genes.

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