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Oncolytic viral vectors in the era of diversified cancer therapy: from preclinical to clinical.

ABSTRACT: With the in-depth research and wide application of immunotherapy recently, new therapies based on oncolytic viruses are expected to create new prospects for cancer treatment via eliminating the suppression of the immune system by tumors. Currently, an increasing number of viruses are developed and engineered, and various virus vectors based on effectively stimulating human immune system to kill tumor cells have been approved for clinical treatment. Although the virus can retard the proliferation of tumor cells, the choice of oncolytic viruses in biological cancer therapy is equally critical given their therapeutic efficacy, safety and adverse effects. Moreover, previously known oncolytic viruses have not been systematically classified. Therefore, in this review, we summarized and distinguished the characteristics of several common types of oncolytic viruses: herpes simplex virus, adenovirus, measles virus, Newcastle disease virus, reovirus and respiratory syncytial virus. Subsequently, we outlined that these oncolytic viral vectors have been transformed from preclinical studies in combination with immunotherapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and nanoparticles into clinical therapeutic strategies for various advanced solid malignancies or circulatory system cancers.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC9131313 | BioStudies |

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