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In silico screening and heterologous expression of soluble dimethyl sulfide monooxygenases of microbial origin in Escherichia coli.

ABSTRACT: Sequence-based screening has been widely applied in the discovery of novel microbial enzymes. However, majority of the sequences in the genomic databases were annotated using computational approaches and lacks experimental characterization. Hence, the success in obtaining the functional biocatalysts with improved characteristics requires an efficient screening method that considers a wide array of factors. Recombinant expression of microbial enzymes is often hampered by the undesirable formation of inclusion body. Here, we present a systematic in silico screening method to identify the proteins expressible in soluble form and with the desired biological properties. The screening approach was adopted in the recombinant expression of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) monooxygenase in Escherichia coli. DMS monooxygenase, a two-component enzyme consisting of DmoA and DmoB subunits, was used as a model protein. The success rate of producing soluble and active DmoA is 71% (5 out of 7 genes). Interestingly, the soluble recombinant DmoA enzymes exhibited the NADH:FMN oxidoreductase activity in the absence of DmoB (second subunit), and the cofactor FMN, suggesting that DmoA is also an oxidoreductase. DmoA originated from Janthinobacterium sp. AD80 showed the maximum NADH oxidation activity (maximum reaction rate: 6.6 µM/min; specific activity: 133 µM/min/mg). This novel finding may allow DmoA to be used as an oxidoreductase biocatalyst for various industrial applications. The in silico gene screening methodology established from this study can increase the success rate of producing soluble and functional enzymes while avoiding the laborious trial and error involved in the screening of a large pool of genes available. KEY POINTS: • A systematic gene screening method was demonstrated. • DmoA is also an oxidoreductase capable of oxidizing NADH and reducing FMN. • DmoA oxidizes NADH in the absence of external FMN.

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