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Accuracy of age estimation and assessment of the 18-year threshold based on second and third molar maturity in Koreans and Japanese.

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to validate Lee's age estimation method and assess the 18-year threshold in Korean and Japanese populations. We evaluated the maxillary and mandibular second (M2) and third molars (M3) in 2657 orthopantomograms of the Korean and Japanese populations aged 15-23 years (19.47±2.62 years for Koreans, 19.31±2.60 years for Japanese), using Demirjian's criteria. Dental age was estimated, and correlations between chronological and dental ages were analyzed. Classification performance was calculated based on the 18-year threshold. The relationship between developmental stage and chronologic age was analyzed using multiple linear regression. Our results revealed that Lee's method was appropriate for estimation in the Korean population. When the Lee's method was applied to the Japanese population, a lower value of correlation coefficients between estimated and chronological age, and lower specificity were observed. Population differences were observed predominantly in the stages of root development (stages F and G) of M2s and M3s in both jaws and more frequently in females than in males. In the multiple linear regression between developmental stage and chronological age, lower values of adjusted r2 were observed in the Japanese population than in the Koreans. In conclusion, the Lee's method derived from the Korean population data might be unsuitable for Japanese juveniles and adolescents. To support the findings of this study, future studies with samples from multiple institutions should be conducted. Future studies with larger sample sizes are also warranted to improve the accuracy of dental age estimation and confirm the developmental pattern of teeth in the Japanese population.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC9269881 | BioStudies |

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