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Incomplete denitrification phenotypes in diverse Thermus species from diverse geothermal spring sediments and adjacent soils in southwest China.

ABSTRACT: A few members of the bacterial genus Thermus have been shown to be incomplete denitrifiers, terminating with nitrite (NO2-) or nitrous oxide (N2O). However, the denitrification abilities of the genus as a whole remain poorly characterized. Here, we describe diverse denitrification phenotypes and genotypes of a collection of 24 strains representing ten species, all isolated from a variety of geothermal systems in China. Confirmed terminal products of nitrate reduction were nitrite or N2O, while nitric oxide (NO) was inferred as the terminal product in some strains. Most strains produced N2O; complete denitrification was not observed. Denitrification phenotypes were largely consistent with the presence of denitrification genes, and strains of the same species often had the same denitrification phenotypes and largely syntenous denitrification gene clusters. Genes for nirS and nirK coexisted in three Thermus brockianus and three Thermus oshimai genomes, which is a unique hallmark of some denitrifying Thermus strains and may be ecologically important. These results show that incomplete denitrification phenotypes are prominent, but variable, within and between Thermus species. The incomplete denitrification phenotypes described here suggest Thermus species may play important roles in consortial denitrification in high-temperature terrestrial biotopes where sufficient supply of oxidized inorganic nitrogen exists.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC9270275 | BioStudies |

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