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Cerebellum-cingulo-opercular network connectivity strengthens in adolescence and supports attention efficiency only in childhood.

ABSTRACT: Posterior cerebellar lobules are active during executive function (EF) tasks and are functionally connected to EF-associated cortical networks such as the fronto-parietal network (FPN) and cingulo-opercular network (CON). Despite evidence that EF and cerebello-cortical connectivity develop on a similar time scale, developmental relationships between EFs and cerebello-cortical connectivity have not been directly investigated. We therefore examined relationships between cerebello-cortical connectivity and EF performance in a typically developing sample ages 8 - 21. Resting-state functional connectivity between posterior cerebellum and FPN (middle frontal gyrus, posterior parietal lobules)/CON (anterior cingulate, insula) was computed using independent components analysis. Using conditional process models, we tested the hypothesis that cerebellum - PFC connectivity would mediate the relationship between FPN/CON and EF, and that cerebello-cortical connectivity, and connectivity - EF relationships, would become stronger with increasing age. Cerebellum - CON connectivity strengthened with age, but a relationship between cerebellum - anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) connectivity and attention efficiency was significant only in younger children. Results suggest that during childhood, the posterior cerebellum and ACC may support sustained and executive attention, though age has a stronger effect on EF. These findings may help to guide further studies of executive dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC9284395 | BioStudies |

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