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The potential effects of HECTD4 variants on fasting glucose and triglyceride levels in relation to prevalence of type 2 diabetes based on alcohol intake.

ABSTRACT: Excessive alcohol intake is an important cause of major public health problem in East Asian countries. Growing evidence suggests that genetic factors are associated with alcohol consumption and the risk for alcohol-associated disease, and these factors contribute to the risk of developing chronic diseases, including diabetes. This study aims to investigate the association of type 2 diabetes with genetic polymorphisms within HECTD4 based on alcohol exposure. We performed a genome-wide association study involving the cohorts of the KoGES-HEXA study (n = 50,028) and Ansan and Ansung study (n = 7,980), both of which are prospective cohort studies in Korea. The top three single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the HECTD4 gene, specifically rs77768175, rs2074356 and rs11066280, were found to be significantly associated with alcohol consumption. We found that individuals carrying the variant allele in these SNPs had lower fasting blood glucose, triglyceride, and GGT levels than those with the wild-type allele. Multiple logistic regression showed that statistically significant associations of HECTD4 gene polymorphisms with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes were found in drinkers. Namely, these SNPs were associated with decreased odds of diabetes in the presence of alcohol consumption. As a result of examining the effect of alcohol on the expression of the HECTD4 gene, ethanol increased the expression of HECTD4 in cells, but the level was decreased by NAC treatment. Similar results were obtained from liver samples of mice treated with alcohol. Moreover, a loss of HECTD4 resulted in reduced levels of CYP2E1 and lipogenic gene expression in ethanol-treated cells, while the level of ALDH2 expression increased, indicating a reduction in ethanol-induced hepatotoxicity.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC9325801 | BioStudies |

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