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LncRNA Ctcflos orchestrates transcription and alternative splicing in thermogenic adipogenesis

ABSTRACT: The recruitment of thermogenic brite adipocytes within white adipose tissue attenuates obesity and metabolic comorbidities, arousing interest in understanding the underlying regulatory mechanisms. The molecular network of brite adipogenesis, however, remains largely unresolved. In this light, long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) emerged as a versatile class of modulators that control many steps within the differentiation machinery. Leveraging the naturally varying propensities of different inbred mouse strains for white adipose tissue browning, we identify the nuclear lncRNA Ctcflos as a pivotal orchestrator of thermogenic gene expression during brite adipocyte differentiation. Mechanistically, Ctcflos acts as a bi-functionalpleiotropic regulator, being essential for the transcriptional recruitment of the early core thermogenic regulatory program and the modulation of alternative splicing to drive brite adipogenesis. This is showcased by Ctcflos regulated gene transcription and splicing of the key browning factor Prdm16 towards its isoform that is specific for the thermogenic gene program. Conclusively, our findings emphasize the mechanistic versatility of lncRNAs acting at several independent levels of gene expression for effective regulation of key differentiation factors to direct cell fate and function.

PROVIDER: S-SCDT-EMBOR-2020-51289V1 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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