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Regulatory Genomics of Human Embryonic Development

ABSTRACT: We used epigenetic profiling to map active enhancers in the developing human limb and cortex as described in two published studies: Cotney J, Leng J, Yin J, Reilly SK et al. The evolution of lineage-specific regulatory activities in the human embryonic limb. Cell 2013;154(1):185-96. Reilly SK, Yin J, Ayoub AE, Emera D et al. Evolutionary changes in promoter and enhancer activity during human corticogenesis. Science 2015;347(6226):1155-9. We also used ChIP-seq to map binding sites for the chromatin modifier CHD8 in the developing human brain, as described in one published study: Cotney J, Muhle RA, Sanders SJ, Liu L et al. The autism-associated chromatin modifier CHD8 regulates other autism risk genes during human neurodevelopment. Nat Commun 2015;6:6404. We are also depositing primary human sequence reads related to processed datasets in the Gene Expression Omnibus under the following accession numbers: GSE42413(Cotney et al. 2013); GSE63649(Reilly... (for more see dbGaP study page.)

PROVIDER: phs001226 | dbGaP |



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