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Kids First: Whole Genome Sequencing of Nonsyndromic Craniosynostosis

ABSTRACT: The Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program (Kids First) is a trans-NIH effort initiated in response to the 2014 Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act and supported by the NIH Common Fund. This program focuses on gene discovery in pediatric cancers and structural birth defects and the development of the Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Data Resource (Kids First Data Resource). All of the WGS and phenotypic data from this study are accessible through dbGaP and, where other Kids First datasets can also be accessed. Nonsyndromic craniosynostosis (NCS) is a common, major structural birth defect - due to the premature fusion of one or more cranial sutures - that requires extensive surgical correction and is associated with considerable ongoing medical problems and health care costs. Because little is known about the causes of NCS, whole genome sequencing will help advance knowledge of genetic factors contributing to... (for more see dbGaP study page.)

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

PROVIDER: phs001806 | dbGaP |


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