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Evaluation of the Efficacy of National Cancer Institute’s Facing Forward Booklet in the Cancer Community Setting

ABSTRACT: This study was designed to provide a preliminary evaluation of the efficacy and usability of the 2004 revised version of the booklet, Facing Forward , Life After Cancer Treatment, (hereafter,Facing Forward) published by the National Cancer Institute. Facing Forward provides early stage cancer patients during the period after completing active treatment practical ways of dealing with common problems, including guidelines for managing physical, social, and emotional health. Assessments were completed at the patient’s final cancer treatment visit. Follow-up assessments occurred eight weeks and 6 months later. The initial assessments covered background information (demographics, medical status), use of educational materials, survivorship activities, and psychological factors. The follow-up assessments included use of actions recommended in Facing Forward, ratings of Facing Forward with respect the booklet’s informativeness, helpfulness, understandability, and extent read, the same psychological measures used initially, and a measure of self-efficacy.

DISEASE(S): Thoracic Cancer,Colorectal Cancer,Colorectal Neoplasms,Prostate Cancer,Breast Cancer

PROVIDER: 2113323 | ecrin-mdr-crc |


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