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23d2555e-3a4a-4cfa-a862-1c60fec82b93 - samples

ABSTRACT: This dataset contains all available targeted exon sequencing bam files from our study, "BRCA2, ATM, and CDK12 defects differentially shape prostate tumor driver genomics and clinical aggression". Patient identifiers are denoted by the first segment of the sample aliases (e.g. "P1"), and additional information is appended to reflect which sample is referenced. These include serial cfDNA samples ("-1", "-2", "-3", etc.), paired white blood cell or benign tissue control samples ("-Control"), or primary archival tissue samples derived from a diagnostic biopsy, prostatectomy, or transurethral resection of the prostate ("-Tissue"). All samples were sequenced using Illumina technology.

PROVIDER: EGAD00001006733 | EGA |


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