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Use of Deep Sequencing to Dectect Clonal Mutations In Sun Exposed Skin Epidermis

ABSTRACT: This study aims to define the landscape of somatic mutations in sun exposed human skin by deep sequencing, analyse their frequency and use the data to infer the effect of mutations on proliferating cell behaviour. The frequency of each mutation will reflect the size of the clone of cells in the tissue sample. By analyzing small samples, clones with as few as 100 cells will be detectable. Allele frequency distributions for each mutation will be used to infer cell fate using published methods (Klein et al. 2010). This study will shed unprecedented light on the early clonal events that lead to the emergence of cancer.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

PROVIDER: EGAS00001000515 | EGA |


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How somatic mutations accumulate in normal cells is central to understanding cancer development but is poorly understood. We performed ultradeep sequencing of 74 cancer genes in small (0.8 to 4.7 square millimeters) biopsies of normal skin. Across 234 biopsies of sun-exposed eyelid epidermis from four individuals, the burden of somatic mutations averaged two to six mutations per megabase per cell, similar to that seen in many cancers, and exhibited characteristic signatures of exposure to ultrav  ...[more]

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