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Preclinical studies on Orientin, as a countermeasure against radiation injury

ABSTRACT: Effects of radiation and Orientin in expression genes in bone marrow. Overall design: Radiation Treatment:C57BL/6 male mice (8-10 weeks old) were divided into four groups: Irradiated control (IR); Orientin+Irradiated (ORI+IR);Vehicle treated and unirradiated (CT) mice and Orientin alone treated mice (ORI). Unanesthesized mice were exposed to 6Gy TBI (gamma rays) at a dose rate of 0.95Gy/min. Orientin was administered subcutaneously at 5mg/kg body weight in 150µl volume/mouse 24h and 3h pre irradiation while untreated control animals received PBS alone. Gene expression: An amplification-free, hybridization based direct digital counting method developed by NanoString Technologies was used for gene expression analysis using mouse cancer immune panel (NS_Mm_CancerImm_C3400). RNA was extracted from bone marrow cells on day 9 after irradiation using Ambion miRVANA kit and a digital multiplexed Nanostring nCounter gene expression assay was performe. Raw data from the NanoString assays were technically normalized followed by biological normalization with a set of 20 housekeeping genes.

INSTRUMENT(S): NanoString mouse cancer immune panel (NS_Mm_CancerImm_C3400)


PROVIDER: GSE100090 | GEO | 2018-04-11


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Ocimum flavone Orientin as a countermeasure for thrombocytopenia.

Yadav Marshleen M   Song Feifei F   Huang Jason J   Chakravarti Arnab A   Jacob Naduparambil K NK  

Scientific reports 20180322 1

Thrombocytopenia or chronic depletion of platelets in blood, could create life-threatening conditions in patients who receive aggressive systemic radiation and chemotherapy. Currently there are no approved agents for the rapid treatment of thrombocytopenia. In the present study, we demonstrate that administration of Orientin, a glycosidic flavonoid or dietary administration of Orientin containing Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves, results in a significant increase in circulating platelets in a clinicall  ...[more]

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