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Expression analysis in Patl2-knock-out mouse oocytes (GV and MII stages)

ABSTRACT: The oocyte maturation is a poorly understood process. Patl2 is involved in human bad egg syndrome and is a translation factor. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of the lack of Patl2 on the transcriptomes of GV and MII oocytes. Overall design: Mouse oocytes from wild type and Patl2-knock-out mouse were collected at GV and MII stages. Total RNA were purified and analyzed on mouse ClariomD Affymetrix arrays. The experiment included five GV stage oocyte samples (two wild type and three Patl2-KO) and five GMII stage oocytes samples (two wild-type and three Patl2-KO).

INSTRUMENT(S): [MTA-1_0] Affymetrix Mouse Transcriptome Array 1.0 [transcript (gene) CSV version]

SUBMITTER: Christophe Arnoult  

PROVIDER: GSE100117 | GEO | 2018-04-16


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The genetic causes of oocyte meiotic deficiency (OMD), a form of primary infertility characterised by the production of immature oocytes, remain largely unexplored. Using whole exome sequencing, we found that 26% of a cohort of 23 subjects with OMD harboured the same homozygous nonsense pathogenic mutation in PATL2, a gene encoding a putative RNA-binding protein. Using Patl2 knockout mice, we confirmed that PATL2 deficiency disturbs oocyte maturation, since oocytes and zygotes exhibit morphologi  ...[more]

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