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Transcriptome of Varroa destructor life cycle

ABSTRACT: To study the underlying molecular mechanisms during the Varroa destructor life cycle, we carried out transcriptomic profiling of seven stages: young mites (collected from P8 to P9 brood cells), phoretic mites (collected on adult bees), arresting mites (collected in unsealed L5 brood cells), pre-laying mites (collected from sealed brood cells containing moving larva), laying mites (collected from sealed brood cells containing pre-pupae), post-laying mites (collected from capped brood cells containing purple-eye and white-body pupae P5), emerging mites (collected from P8 to P9 brood cells). In addition, we sampled non-reproducing mites (collected from P5 brood cells, but without offspring), males (collected from P8 to P9 brood cells), and phoretic mites artificially reared in cages with adult bees. This study was performed using Apis mellifera L. honey bee colonies naturally infested by Varroa destructor mites. Adult mites were collected from 4 unrelated colonies. Overall design: The transcriptomic profile of pools of 10 adult varroa were generated by deep sequencing. Adult mites from each life stage and conditions were collected from 4 unrelated colonies giving a total of 40 RNA-seq libraries.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Varroa destructor)

SUBMITTER: Cédric Alaux 

PROVIDER: GSE100554 | GEO | 2018-04-11


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Transcriptome profiling of the honeybee parasite Varroa destructor provides new biological insights into the mite adult life cycle.

Mondet Fanny F   Rau Andrea A   Klopp Christophe C   Rohmer Marine M   Severac Dany D   Le Conte Yves Y   Alaux Cedric C  

BMC genomics 20180504 1

BACKGROUND:The parasite Varroa destructor represents a significant threat to honeybee colonies. Indeed, development of Varroa infestation within colonies, if left untreated, often leads to the death of the colony. Although its impact on bees has been extensively studied, less is known about its biology and the functional processes governing its adult life cycle and adaptation to its host. We therefore developed a full life cycle transcriptomic catalogue in adult Varroa females and included pairw  ...[more]

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