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Trans. Profiling of Immortalized Melanocyte Cell Lines Identifies GPNMB as a Melanoblast-Expressed, MITF-Dependent Gene

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profiling of tissues derived from different genetic backgrounds can provide insight to potential phenotype-related changes in gene expression. We have compared wildtype C57BL/6 (melan-Ink4a) melanocyte cell gene expression to that of, “brown“ Tyrp1b/ b (melan-Ink4a-b) and “chocolate” Rab38 cht/cht (melan-cht) melanocyte derived lines. We observed alterations in gene expression consistent with a physiological response of melan-Ink4a-b cells to endoplasmic reticulum protein-folding impairment. Additionally, a set of loci was identified that are expressed in a similar manner to known melanocyte genes. Importantly, the collection of 254 genes is enriched for expression in the multiple melanocyte lines relative to control cell populations. This set contains Tyr, Tyrp1, Dct, Si, Melna, Slc24a5, Slc45a2, Slc24a4, Mitf, and Sox10, in addition to genes not previously attributed to pigmentation and genes with unknown function. Further evaluation of one gene in this cohort, Gpnmb, demonstrated an expression pattern similar to Dct, Si and Mitf. This expression is vastly reduced in MitfMi mutants embryos, indicating that it is dependent on Mitf for in vivo expression. Consistent with this notion, a highly-conserved MITF binding site resides directly upstream of human GPNMB, and deletion of this sequence dramatically reduces in vitro enhancer activity. Keywords: NIH embryo fibroblast cell line, melanocyte cell line, Ink4a, Tyrp1b, Rab38 Overall design: A 32k expression arrays were generated by printing Oligo nucleotides from Operon Mouse oligo set (MV3) onto epoxy slides. Total RNA from immortalized melanocyte cell lines derived from C57BL/6J Ink4a-/- (melan-Ink4a-1), C57BL/6J Ink4a-/-; Tyrp1b/b (melan-Ink4a-b) and 2 separate C57BL/6J Ink4a-/-; RaB38cht/cht lines (melan-cht4), (melan-cht5) and NIH3T3 were labeled with Cy5/3 and co-hybridized with a total RNA universal reference (Stratagene, Inc) labeled with Cy3/5. Each comparison was done in Triplicate including one dye swap.

INSTRUMENT(S): Qiagen Mouse V3 31K Oligo array (MV3)

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Christopher Pan  

PROVIDER: GSE10163 | GEO | 2009-05-04



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